A Century of Votes for Women

About the book

How have American women voted in the first 100 years since the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment? How have popular understandings of women as voters both persisted and changed over time? In A Century of Votes for Women, Christina Wolbrecht and J. Kevin Corder offer an unprecedented account of women voters in American politics over the last ten decades. Bringing together new and existing data, the book provides unique insight into women’s (and men’s) voting behavior, and traces how women’s turnout and vote choice evolved across a century of enormous transformation overall and for women in particular. Wolbrecht and Corder show that there is no such thing as ‘the woman voter’; instead they reveal considerable variation in how different groups of women voted in response to changing political, social, and economic realities. The book also demonstrates how assumptions about women as voters influenced politicians, the press, and scholars.

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Sapiro Seminar Series, Boston University, January 29, 2020

William V. Shannon Lecture in American Politics, Clark University, January 30, 2020

Boston Athenaeum, 6 p.m., January 30, 2020

Pizza, Pop, and Politics, University of Notre Dame, Geddes Coffeehouse, 6 p.m., February 5

University of New Mexico, February 12, 2020

University of Michigan, February 24, 2020

100th Anniversary Celebration, South Bend League of Women Voters, March 15, 2020

Morton-Kenney Lecture, Southern Illinois University, March 24, 2020

Center for Historical Research, The Ohio State University, March 27, 2020

Research Uncorked (Notre Dame), Ironhand Wine Bar, 6 p.m., March 31, 2020

Susan B. Anthony House Monday Lecture Series, April 20, 2020

Cutler Lecture, University of Rochester, April 21, 2020

Keynote, 100 Years of Women Voting (symposium), Library of Congress and U.S. Capitol Historical Society, 6:30 p.m., May 14, 2020

League of Women Voters of La Porte County (IN), May 30, 2020

Ruthmere Museum (Elkhart, IN), September 3, 2020

Constitution Day, University of Notre Dame, September 17, 2020

Center for American Women and Politics, Rutgers University, October 8, 2020

Courage Series, Western Michigan University, October 29, 2020


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