Christina Wolbrecht


I am a professor of political science, director of the Rooney Center for the Study of American Democracy, and Mr. and Mrs. C. Robert Hanley Director of the Washington Program at the University of Notre Dame. My areas of expertise include American politics, political parties, women and gender, and American political development.

Much of my current work focuses on women voters since suffrage. My forthcoming (January 2020) book with J. Kevin CorderA Century of Votes for Women: American Elections Since Suffragedescribes and explains women voters in the first century since the Nineteenth Amendment. The book is intended for scholars, students, and journalists.

Corder’s and my previous book, Counting Women’s Ballots: Female Voters from Suffrage Through the New Deal (Cambridge 2016), used new data and novel methods to provide insight into whether, how, and with what consequences women cast their ballots in the first five presidential elections following suffrage. Counting Women’s Ballots recieved the Victoria Schuck Prize for the best book on women and politics from the American Political Science Assocation in 2017. We describe some of that research in “Was Women’s Suffrage a Failure?” at the Monkey Cage.

David E. Campbell and I have an on-going and published line of research on adolescent girls, women as political role models, and the post-2016 Resistance. I also am the author of The Politics of Women’s Rights: Parties, Positions, and Change (Princeton 2000), which examined and explained the Democrat’s and Republican’s evolving positions on women’s rights issues in the postwar period, and have co-authored articles on topics including the representation of women and party position-taking on education policy.

Susan Franceshet and I are co-editors of the journal Politics & Gender from July 2019 through June 2022. I am a founding Executive Board member for WomenAlsoKnowStuff, an initiative to support and promote female experts in political science. You can find me on Twitter at @C_Wolbrecht.